The Serenity Connective™

Practical, intuitive support to run your business, your way.

The Serenity Connective is a mastermind membership for intelligent, eloquent business owners who love diving deep into best practice. Embrace your commitment to leadership and integrity by exploring exactly what it means to walk in the light and take radical responsibility for the conduct of your business.

If you are craving a space to share deep, insightful conversations, intuitive wisdom, laughter and companionship with like-minded loving business owners, consider giving yourself and your business the gift of membership. This is a safe space to be completely your authentic self, to rumble with vulnerability, to more fully activate & embody your integrity as leader & change maker. We WILL support you to stop playing small.

If this sounds like you, come play with us.  Satisfaction guaranteed..

This mastermind membership is especially for you if:

  • you are tired of being so focused on the "tree" level of your business that you keep losing sight of the "forest",
  • you delight in challenging conversations around best practice, duty of care and ethical decision making, and
  • you crave the companionship of supportive, problem-solving, forward thinking business owners.

Building a business that stands out from the crowd can be a lonely experience. 

Are you looking for like-minded business owners who fully understand what it means to
walk in the light without being scared of the shadows?

Join the Serenity Connective today 
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All prices in Australian dollars, inclusive of GST.
See below for money-back guarantee.

Want to do your due diligence before you commit? I love you!

Before you buy, you must have read and understood the Membership Agreement.
It contains important information to help you get the most out of The Serenity Connective. 


Monthly Membership

Leave at any time.

100% satisfaction guaranteed.




Confidential clarity & calm.

4 extra hours 1:1 with me.



*Please note that if you choose to leave & come back, you rejoin at whatever the current price is.

Each month there is

a new Mission to get curious about an essential aspect of being in business


A recorded deep dive Mission Briefing
A 60 minute recorded Curiosity Call to discuss the Mission
Several 30 minute Challenge Check-In calls for support with problem solving
Daily prompts in the Facebook group to make the Mission your own
LOTS of co-working opportunities for practical accountability

Call times are open to negotiation based on the needs of community members & further call times may be added.

Monthly Missions

Embracing Adventure.
(What is your big picture for this great business journey?)

Eternal Vigilance.
(Checking in with your intellectual property assets & brand identity.)

Reputation Rules.
(Taking responsibility for how you present & protect your business.)

Push & Shove.
(How good are your boundaries? Where are they being tested?)

Sorry, Not Sorry.
(How to apologise with integrity and when to stand your ground.) 

No Means No
(How to define your limits and clearly communicate them.)

Dig & Delve
(Uncovering the lurking anxieties and hidden obstacles in your way.)

Never-ending Stories
(Clearing out your list of important things that never get done.)

Fight Fire With Fire
(Inspiration for the hot spots that need a cathartic cleanse.)

Simply the Best
(Embodying your own version of best practice in your business.)

Contemplative Calm
(Reflecting on our practice and our alignment with our mission.)

Together We Rise
(Understanding conflict and improving communication skills.)

Challenge Check-in Calls

Let's face it, stuff happens. Sometimes you need someone to hold space for you while you vent, and to remind you that life goes on and this too will pass. Other times you need advice from those who have a different perspective from yours. That is what the regular Challenge Check-in calls are for. It's kind of like having a supportive lawyer and a bunch of awesome, non-judgmental colleagues in your back pocket that you can call on for a reality check, advice, assistance and understanding. No more feeling alone in your business. The Serenity Connective has got your back. We will help you gather the courage to change the things you can change, the patience to bear the things that you can't and when you need us to, we will share our wisdom to help you remember there is a difference.

C0-working Calls

We all have times when we struggle to stay on track, when procrastination destroys our productivity and when no matter how much we might want to, we just can't seem to knuckle down and just do it. I know that feeling all too well. For a while, I thought my prayers had been answered when I discovered FocusMate, but I soon discovered that while the accountability was great in principle, inviting the random energy of strangers into my workplace was worse than working alone. It just became another thing to avoid. If this is something you struggle with too, I have opened up a number of regular co-working spots throughout the week. Book in whenever you feel the need to have someone familiar in your corner, cheering you on as you power through those tricky tasks. No time wasting - we meet on Zoom, take a few moments to declare what we intend to achieve in the session, then start the pomodoro timer. After 40 minutes of focused co-working, we check in to celebrate how much we got done. Call times may vary depending on my commitments and what else is going on in my business and life, but I guarantee there will be at least 3 calls available per week. There are currently at least 2 regular sessions available every day, except for Sundays, so you never have an excuse not to get work done!

Private 1:1 Mentoring

I get that there are occasions when you have a problem that you need help with, but you don't want to talk about it in front of the other people, or you can't wait until the next Challenge Check-in Call comes around. That is why I offer the Private Mentoring upgrade. Pay a little more and get credit for 4 hours of my time to be used in 1:1 calls, any time in the 12 months. I give you a special booking link, and you simply grab my next appointment when you need to talk to me. This is a very cost effective way to have a risk management strategist (who also happens to be a business lawyer) on call at a tiny fraction of my normal hourly rate. I can help you talk through and problem solve any issue that is causing you grief, and if you need a legal opinion, I can usually provide that too. I have gathered a lot of experience from working in the back end of many people's businesses and trouble-shooting their relationships, as well as building my own business. However, I am not a business coach. While I will help you explore issues, make suggestions, reality test your strategy and ask difficult questions, I will not tell you what to do. That's because 90% of the time, your intuition already knows the answer. You just need to talk through the risks and rewards with someone neutral to get clarity about why you are resisting listening to yourself & restore your calm so you can consider all the options and make conscious, creative choice about your next step. 


Monthly Missions exploring important topics

Reflective practice is an essential skill to explore and develop, and it is so much easier when you have a community of connected, switched on business owners to bounce ideas off and inspire you to go deeper in your understanding.


Challenge Check-in Calls

 A problem shared is a problem halved. Regular brainstorming sessions where we can help you generate and explore options for dealing with any challenging situation in your business. From conflict to confidence, nothing is off-limits.

(Private mentoring package also available.)


Co-working sessions for awesome accountability

Ever find yourself struggling to focus and stay on track when you have important work that HAS TO BE DONE? Me too! Book in to my co-working calendar and let's tick off our tasks through the magic of quiet, focused co-working pomodoros.


Free access to Update your Legals sessions

Keep your legal foundations strong and shiny with quarterly support sessions.

(Find out more about these sessions here.)

I cannot recommend Michelle’s membership enough.

I joined the Serenity Connective when Michelle launched it because I love her work so much. I wasn’t disappointed. She started off with a bang by comparing the entrepreneurial journey to the famous hero’s journey that Joseph Campbell was so passionate about. Every month from then was incredibly helpful to deepen my understanding into reputation, brand, conflict management and of course intellectual property.  However, it is deep and demanding work. You can’t join as a tourist. You need to have the willingness to reflect and go deep. If you do, this membership will be an absolute God send. Thank you Michelle for travelling with me.

Ange de Lumiere //  I Can Help You Thrive

The Serenity Connective has been a wonderful opportunity...

The Serenity Connective has been a wonderful opportunity to delve deeper into all things that make me me, providing opportunities to delve deeper into self and better understand how I want my life and business to work together. Michelle is super warm and kind and I love how the Connective also allows opportunities for you to grow and evolve. It is such a safe place and I’ve come to make new friends as well. Her law background is the icing on the cake. I have loved how being part of the group has allowed me an opportunity to really live out the “go with the flow” lessons that life has given me, and the interactive journal type questions and mastermind has helped me better hone in and focus on issues that I’ve always meant to tackle but have never really set aside the time to ♥️

Susanna Chung  // Susanna Chung Photography

The Serenity Connective has been such a blessing. 

Having Michelle’s warm and caring support to bounce ideas, concerns and legalities off has given me the confidence to expand in so many ways. I no longer feel like I have to figure it all out on my own, which as a solo business, is priceless. 

Sophie Duncan //  Deer Daisy

Like everything Michelle Whitehead does, the Serenity Connective is playful, personal and empowering...

Joining the Serenity Connective has been a great business investment for me – both in terms of money and time. It’s packed full of strategy and systems learnings, monthly theme topics, discussion calls, and coworking sessions.

The quarterly Update Your Legals sessions are worth the membership price just on their own.

It’s a place where I get support and accountability to navigate business from my own way of being and my own unique needs and priorities.

Alice Bulmer  // Alice Bulmer Words & Music

100% Money Back Guarantee

You are welcome to leave the membership at any time.  If you are unhappy, simply let me know. 
If you have a yearly subscription, I will refund any months that have been paid in advance, plus one additional month.
If you are paying monthly, I will refund one month's payment.

Is this only for Australians?

Membership of The Serenity Connective is open to you wherever you are located. It is designed to meet the needs of global owners of online service based businesses. We have had members from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and England. We will be discussing broad concepts, then encouraging you to focus in closely to see how they apply to your actual business. We always take a holistic approach, knowing that for online entrepreneurs there is often very little separation between life and business. The intention is for you to be easily able to adapt the concepts we discuss to your unique business, no matter where you are located. However, you will need to be fluent in reading, speaking and writing English to get the most from this membership.

What stage of business is this best suited to?

Ideally, you will be beyond the start-up stage, as we will not be dealing with the basics of how to do business. The Serenity Connective is intended to attract a high calibre of intelligent, creative, switched-on business owners who have done their work with coaches and set up their systems and now they want something more - a next level that goes beyond the basics of marketing and selling to really unpack what best practice means to you and how to integrate your business with every aspect of your being. The reflective nature of the content is designed to assist you in refining how you run your business and to help you identify and remove the obstacles standing between you and your commitment to integrity. This is a membership like no other, providing an opportunity for in-depth exploration of strategic decision-making and encouraging strong foundations. 

What do I get if I choose 1:1 Private Mentoring?

If you choose the 1:1 mentoring upgrade, you will have 4 hours of my time to use however you want. Book in for an hour, a half hour or just 15 minutes. I give you the booking links (and they are also pinned to the top in the Facebook group) and you just use the time you need, when you need it. You can use your time for anything - although I can't provide formal legal advice due to the time constraints. We can, however, talk about anything that crops up during the year where you need a dose of clarity and calm. You can pick my brain and get my off-the-cuff opinion on just about anything, including legal issues and strategy. I make a great sounding board, love problem solving, am great at designing and tweaking systems and have been known to intuitively channel creative solutions that transform businesses! I am all about co-creating meaning and magic! I love it when people engage and challenge me - it brings out my best insights (there's stuff I don't even know that I know until it comes out in response to a question). My overall intention for my business is to be a channel of peace - and peace requires good strategy and calm, conscious decision making, so that is what I tend to channel for those I work with.

You mentioned a Facebook group?

The private Facebook group is the main meeting place for the Serenity Connective. Each of the Missions is presented as units, so in addition to joining us on the current Mission, you also have access to all the previous Missions. There are daily prompts in the group to inspire you to explore each Mission in greater detail, relating it to your unique business, and identifying ways to grow in integrity and alignment. 

We also have #hashtags for introducing new members, asking questions, celebrating business and personal wins, sharing challenges and exploring issues that spark our curiosity. 

The group is actively moderated, highly focused and endlessly encouraging. 

What's with the co-working calls?

When you join, you will be provided with a link to book the co-working calls (as well as all the other calls). There is no limit on how many co-working calls you attend in a month! I work best with accountability myself - and I hate the random energy of strangers that you get with programs like FocusMate. This is my way of getting co-working partners for myself, as well as benefiting you! Win Win! All you need to do is show up with work to do and a willing attitude - I will do the same, and together we will move mountains! I have capped the co-working sessions at 5 (including me) to make sure that I can easily keep us working and not chatting. Here's how it works:

  • We meet on Zoom at the booked time.
  • We take 5 minutes to quickly share what we are working on, and what we intend to achieve during the session.
  • I set a timer for 40 minutes, and we mute ourselves and start work. Whether you leave your camera on is your choice.
  • After 40 minutes, I let you know the session is over and we celebrate what we have completed in that time.
  • The entire session lasts for 50 minutes - this is to ensure that if we have back to back sessions (as I often do) there is 10 minutes at the end of each session to stand, stretch and take care of our bodies. If you are anything like me, it is not uncommon to get to the end of the day and find that you have not moved for hours, so I am building in space to make sure we don't fall into that trap.

What content do I have access to & for how long?

All members have access to all past content, which is stored in the Facebook group. However, you only have access to the Facebook group while you are an active member.

Mission Briefings, Mission Prompts and Curiosity Calls are all available in the Facebook group. However, Challenge Check-in calls are not recorded to ensure confidentiality of our discussions. Private mentoring calls will be recorded for my records (and kept completely confidential.) You may also record these calls by request, but they will otherwise be treated with the same level of security as I use for my client notes.

Do you only talk about business legals?

Absolutely not! Although the membership is anchored in a commitment to solid foundations and best practice, we are an intellectually curious, eloquent, esoteric group who delight in wide-ranging discussions and who understand the holistic nature of entrepreneurship and running a solo business. We take a wide ranging holistic approach, supporting each other to find serenity in all aspects of our lives. In fact, all of our discussions - even the legal ones - revolve around a common theme of integrity, radical responsibility and joyful service.

What kind of commitment is involved?

You can spend as much time or as little time as you like - there is no such thing as "behind" - just jump in where you are. However, if you really want to get the most out of actively engaging in the Serenity Connective, you might spend:

  • One hour a month watching the Mission Briefing
  • One hour a month participating in the Curiosity Call
  • 5-30 minutes a day journaling on the Mission prompt
  • 30-90 minutes each month participating in Challenge Check-in Calls
  • Unlimited co-working calls to support you in getting your own work done (co-working calls are not intended for discussion, but are extremely useful for providing you with accountability and companionship while you are working on or in your business)

How much time and effort you put into the Serenity Connective is up to you. As with anything worthwhile, the more you engage, the more you will grow. We have a number of members who just turn up for the calls and use the daily prompts for contemplation without sharing their reflections. I personally make the time to share my response to every prompt and complete every mission. What you do is up to you!

What Terms & Conditions apply?

I am absolutely thrilled that you asked that question... DOWNLOAD THE MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT, read it, ask me if you have any questions. Bonus points if you find a typo and let me know!

I claim ownership of the name The Serenity Connective™ as an unregistered trade mark, wherever it is used, worldwide, in relation to online education and training, business mentorship and consultancy, legal services and risk management.