Change is in the air -

a new connected paradigm of business, a new caring way of practising law.

Are you looking for a lawyer who understands your big business vision
and helps you protect it while speaking your language?

I believe that legal support means we work together - from a heartspace of love and connection - creating firm foundations and wise boundary management so that your thriving business can continue to evolve into the empire of your dreams.

You know that the world of business is transforming. Many modern entrepreneurs believe we are serving a higher spiritual purpose by sharing our gifts. We also need to live and feed our families, while pursuing our audacious vision. With courage and persistence, we are struggling to make sense of a maze of inherited beliefs and expectations that no longer work for us and new beliefs and ways of being that sometimes seem too airy-fairy for real world safety and success.

Where is our solid ground?

We find it on the borderline between tradition and innovation, bringing the best of the old in service to the new. I am here to help you identify potential problems in your path, equip you with the legal protection you and your unique business need, and enable you to forge forward with faith in your firm foundations. Together, we will co-create the sense of safety you need, if you are going to build a business free from subconscious sabotage. You deserve to be a confident, empowered CEO, and your clients deserve the clarity, certainty and consistency they get from your brave and beautiful business boundaries.

How can I help?

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Hi, I'm Michelle!

I am a solicitor and mediator with first class Honours degrees in English and in Law, and a Master of Laws with Honours majoring in Alternative Dispute Resolution. A high-achiever with excellent communication skills and an absolute commitment to ethical practice, I have a proven talent for independent research and creative problem solving. I am a storyteller, a poet, an artist. I reverse engineer traditional business and legal knowledge to make it accessible, relevant and useful to you. Bring me your legal doubts, fears and worries about your business, and I will guide you on the path to peace.

If you have questions, I'd love to meet you for a 30-minute chat.

Tamala Ridge

Intuitive Addictions Specialist

Gosh – I NEVER thought I would say that I actually LOVE a contract. But I actually do. This feels incredibly safe, nurturing, respectful and has so much integrity. Love Love Love It!

I adored working with Michelle. She has a very unique way of blending traditional legal work with the sacred, creating agreements which feel heartfelt and are based on client connection.

Sigourney Weldon

The Wildgrace Movement

Mel Hanley

Simple Wellness Myotherapy

Michelle made the MOST kind, caring contract that made sure that both myself and my subcontractors are well looked after and have clear boundaries and responsibilities.

Michelle possesses a wealth of knowledge and considers every possible variable. From the beginning, Michelle's support, compassion, thoroughness and attention to detail has made my life so easy!  

Ricci-Jane Adams

The Institute for Intuitive Intelligence

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