Danielle Elliot – Naturopath

When going to write my legal documents I  definitely felt overwhelmed by the details I needed to include, I have no experience with legal stuff. When I read that Michelle’s documents help to write your terms and conditions and legal documents in your own words, I was intrigued but still felt it might be a really hard task.
Once I read through her DIY Packs, I felt so much better about being able to “do this!” The way it goes through every section and explains how best to approach it was super helpful.
Having a document where you answer questions and then use those answers to fill out what will become your legal document made it more of a simple step by step process. The online group session was also extremely useful, to get all the little niggly details sorted. I also really love that anyone can read my legal documents and understand them!
I would highly recommend Michelle and her products and will go back in the future if I need any more legal documents.