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Take ownership of your boundaries & create legals you love.

You know your business needs legal documents to keep everyone safe, including you. The only problem is, legal documents have to be completely unreadable and full of fear-based thinking. Right?

You wouldn't hand your beloved clients a roll of razor wire - or a bowl of soggy boiled cabbage - and expect them to still want to work with you, so you fantasize about cobbling something together and hiding it behind a checkbox, hoping no-one ever reads it.

I get it. You are too smart to rely on generic templates or a patchwork of "borrowed" clauses, but the last time you tried to talk to a lawyer about this, they were so expensive and scary you were tempted to quit there and then.

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If only you could find a supported DIY solution that:
  • gives you confidence that you have everything covered
  • is totally aligned with your values and vision
  • feels like it comes from the heart of your business, and
  • doesn't cost a fortune.

Gabby Pavlovic

Revitalising Health

Michelle's knowledge, willingness to assist, and conscientious approach alongside her very easy-to-follow templates makes getting legals organised a streamlined (and even enjoyable) process.

Michelle's approach to legals is admirable and refreshing! I purchased 3 DIY packs, and with some fantastic support and the Accountability sessions with Michelle, I finished all 3 within the space of a week!

Emily May

Mindful Marketing Maven

Lisa Hodgson

Naturopath services & Massage

Michelle's templates were straightforward and so easy to fill in. Before I knew it my T&Cs and Privacy Policy were done. Michelle is extremely generous in her help and very knowledgeable. She's so approachable & friendly.

 The way the DIY Pack goes through every section and explains how best to approach it was super helpful. It was a simple step by step process. I really love that anyone can read my legal documents and understand them!

Danielle Elliot


My Contracts that Care DIY Packs will suit you best if...
  • you are an Australian sole trader, small company or micro business
  • you are confident writing copy for your marketing
  • you are willing to invest some time & effort in understanding your business
  • your business is relatively simple, not very high risk or high stakes

If you can't see yourself in this description, or you are not quite sure, don't panic.

It doesn't mean you can't have Contracts that Care. 

We just need to have a chat first, to make sure you get the solution that meets your unique needs.

Ready to buy your Contracts that Care™  DIY Pack?

Prices vary between documents - everything you need to know is set out clearly in the Terms of Purchase linked to each of the documents below.

It is a condition of sale that you read, understand and agree to the Terms of Purchase.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me before you buy. 

There are also some frequently asked questions and testimonials at the bottom of the page.


Website Legals

Website Terms & Conditions $264 - Click here to find out more

Website Privacy Policy $198 - Click here to find out more

Contracts for 1:1 Services

Client Service Agreement $264 - Click here to find out more

Coaching Agreement $429 - Click here to find out more

Web Design Agreement $429 - Click here to find out more

Healer Agreement $429 - Click here to find out more

Doula Agreement $429 - Click here to find out more

Contracts for GroupWork

Workshop / Challenge Agreement $264 - Click here to find out more

Membership Site Agreement $429 - Click here to find out more

In production...

The Agreements listed below are on my "to-create" DIY Pack list. If you are interested in fast-tracking a particular document, please complete the expression of interest form below.

(I am currently working on the Retreat Agreement, Graphic Design Agreement, and VA Agreement.)

If your need is urgent, I am happy to create any of these contracts as a Custom Drafting service.
Prices are listed in the description of each document. Book a call to discuss your needs.

Subcontractor Agreements, Employment Agreements and Intellectual Property Licensing Agreements
are available as custom drafts ONLY due to their complexity.

Affiliate Agreement

Confidentiality Agreement / NDA

Course Agreement

Graphic Design Agreement

Mentoring Agreement

Photographer Agreement

Retreat Participation Agreement

VA Agreement

Still wondering what Contracts that Care can do for you and your clients?

Give you confidence in your solid foundations.
Create clear & consistent business policies.
Resolve problems & disputes peacefully.
Inspire your clients to trust you by managing risk.
Keep your responsibilities fair and balanced.
Educate your clients about how to work with you.
Guide your clients to have realistic expectations.
Set loving intentions & strong boundaries.
Prioritise clarity in your communication.
Make sure you get paid without hassles.
Protect confidentiality & intellectual property.
Limit your liability in case things go wrong.
Frequently Asked Questions


What do I get in the DIY Pack?

What will my DIY Pack Worksheet cover?

Will a DIY Contract protect me and my business?

What is the DIY Option?

What is the DIY + Review Upgrade?

What is the Done for You Upgrade?

What is the VIP Upgrade?

What are the Accountability Action Sessions?

How long will my DIY Pack take to complete?

Are you a real lawyer? What are your qualifications?

Shahna Sarpi


Michelle’s DIY templates took all of the guesswork out of it and told me exactly what to say and how to say it. All I had to do was add the relevant information and my personal flair. I’m so grateful for Michelle and her hard work.

I highly recommend the Accountability Action Sessions too as this helped me make sure that I moved beyond my tendency of procrastination to actually getting my legals done and up on my website.

Sam Bradbrook

Stay Balanced Pilates & Yoga

Robyn Way

Hypnosis for Regression Therapy

Michelle made the entire process painless and took away all of my stress and confusion. She clearly knows where people stumble or get stuck and makes it so unbelievably easy! Her DIY Packs are pretty much done for you!

Michelle’s DIY packs made everything extremely manageable and even enjoyable! I felt a great sense of ownership once my terms and conditions, privacy policy and client agreement were complete.

Katrina Harrington


How are Contracts that Care created?

Life is too short to live with anxiety. That's why it is imperative you and your clients are protected from day one in business. Unfortunately, legal foundations often get put in the too hard and too expensive bucket when it comes to stretching business budgets.  

To ensure all Australian business owners have access to professional documents, I've created a range of affordable DIY options for many commonly used legal documents and I'm creating more all the time. These are not generic one-size-fits-all templates. They are comprehensive worksheets that walk you step by step through the process of writing your own legal documents from scratch. If you're not confident in your ability to get this done, I offer a range of accountability and editorial support services to make sure you can cross this important task off your to-do list. 

To start with, I research and collect a wide range of precedents, templates, samples and examples for the DIY pack I am creating. I make sure I get a comprehensive selection, both from the legal libraries and databases, and agreements that are actually in use in the real world.

Then, I deconstruct them. I break them apart and analyse them to work out what they contain and why. I decode the legal jargon and take note of what practical elements actual practitioners include. I also talk to lots of business owners to find out what worries them and why.

After that I arrange the elements I have identified into a logically organised structure.

I translate the issues into comprehensive questions, with clear, easy-to-understand explanations and guidance on answering them effectively. 

I save this as a fillable PDF worksheet. This is the core of the DIY Pack. When you answer the questions from the perspective of your unique business, it drags all the information you need out of your head, in language that feels comfortable and natural to you. It also guides you through the process of:

  •  mapping out your client journey,
  • identifying your ideal client and the risks that they might face,
  • distinguishing your products or services from those they might be mistaken for, and
  • clarifying your policies around essential areas such as payment,  refunds, rescheduling, intellectual property, dispute resolution and consumer law guarantees.

Next, I create the blank draft document. This is the word document that you will use to create your final contract. It begins by helping you dress the document up in your branding so it instantly feels like you. Then, element by element, it leads you through copying the information from your worksheet into your draft and writing it up in words that come from the heart of your business. Wherever necessary, I provide samples and suggested wording - not to tell you what to say - but so you can confidently experiment with your own expression.

Finally, I test and review, and proofread and edit to polish the new DIY Pack to perfection - although as a perfectionist, I am never satisfied, so the packs are constantly being revised and improved as I use them myself to draft documents for my VIP clients and my own business.

When you buy a DIY Pack, you are not abandoned to struggle through on your own. I fully understand how much resistance this process can bring up, how overwhelming it can feel, and how easy it is for your legals to slip down your important but not urgent list. As a result, I created my Accountability Action Sessions.  With every DIY Pack you buy, you get a booking link for a free 60 minute co-working session that you can use whenever you need me - whether it is to hold your hand and calm your nerves while you get started, to help you power through the tricky bits if you get stuck in the worksheet, to advise you on wording and help you express yourself clearly while you work on your draft, or just to tidy up the loose ends and answer any final questions before you celebrate finishing. To make sure you make the most of this session, I gently nag you until you book in (or tell me to go away LOL).

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you purchase a DIY Pack, and decide that it does not meet your needs,

you have 7 days to ask for a complete refund. 

I have only ever had 2 refund requests, both from clients who thought they were getting a generic template where they just needed to fill in a few blanks, but I do not believe in one-size-fits-all solutions.

Your DIY Pack will take some time, effort and commitment on your part as I want you to take ownership of your business legals and fully understand how they serve you.  

I promise it will be worth it in the long run to have legals that come from the heart of your business - and I will be here to hold your hand the whole way (if you want me to)!

If you purchase a Legal Service Upgrade, I promise to keep working on your document and not invoice you until you are totally happy and tell me that you could not love your legals more.

If you need to take advantage of my 6 month payment plans, please reach out and ask.

Claire Tait

Holistic Kinesiology

Michelle’s DIY packs really are a non-lawyers dream...  I completed it in a few hours…. it really was a godsend to be able to tick that off my ‘To Do’ list so quickly, efficiently and economically.

I’m the first to admit that I have been putting my T&Cs off and had put it in the ‘too hard’ and slightly boring basket (sorry Michelle 😬😂), but once I got going it was invaluable.

Katie Barron


Stefan Filippo

Stefan Filippo Health

I was looking for a hassle-free way to write up a tailored privacy policy & terms and conditions for my website. I found that via Michelle’s DIY packs. Highly recommended!

I was worried that it would take me forever to complete the DIY T&C and Privacy Policy but it actually took no time at all. It was very well structured and Michelle was very helpful. 

Bianca Schwartpaul

Virtual Assistant

Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation.

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