Castle Quest - The Serenity Shift

Dear brilliant business owner...

Don't put off 'til tomorrow what you will regret next week!

Your to-do list is endless. Everything feels cluttered.

You are overwhelmed by the weight of your own expectations.

Not to mention the constant drain of what others want & need from you.

Over & over. Around & around on the spiral. Never enough. Still wanting more.

Stuck in a rut but trudging on because YOU. DON’T. QUIT.

I get it. You don't have the time and mind-space to prioritise the confusing, boring, nitty gritty details of business ownership and life admin (like those set out in detail below), so they keep slipping down your important but not urgent list, while you go on building your business on foundations that feel shaky and incomplete.

You fully intend to come back to patch the holes, someday, when the craziness of constant creation and delivery settles down. However, that day just never seems to come. You have made it this far without any major problems, so why mess with your high vibe and risk manifesting problems by looking at what might go wrong?

Take a moment to be completely honest with yourself. How many of the boxes below do you tick?

  • Things keep slipping through the cracks of your business. You wish you had practical systems to take the pressure off you, but you don't know where to start. Even if you did, you know that it will never happen without accountability.
  • You're frustrated because you're sabotaging my business by worrying, overthinking and making excuses instead of getting things done. You fear you'll never achieve your full potential, and you hate that, because you have big dreams.
  • There's a pile of 'adulting' and competence building that you've been avoiding in your business (and if you're truly honest, your personal life as well.) This makes you feel like you're only pretending to be a "real" business owner.
  • You need to be a better boss to your most important worker - YOU - but you never seem to make that the priority. You're stuck in a cycle of stress, overwhelm and resentment that is destroying your joy in doing the work you love.
  • You wish you could let go of doubt about your ability to cope with unforeseen problems, anxiety about all the things that could go wrong and the need to do everything right & just relax as the confident owner of a strong business.
  • You've done so much work on yourself that you really should be shiny AF and a total magnet for miracles by now, but you're conscious that the neglected shadows in your business are still getting in the way of your success.
  • You try and look like you have everything under control, but you often feel like a hot mess who's only just hanging in there. No matter how big your business grows, you know that you're still playing small - holding yourself back from what you could achieve if you went all in. If you get too visible, too successful, you're scared you won't be able to cope.

Ever heard the saying "a stitch in time saves nine"?
Or the cost of "shutting the door after the horse has bolted"?
How about "trust in God but tie your camel"?

WHATEVER you have been avoiding,
in Castle Quest, I will help you get clarity about what needs to be done
and guide you to take confident strategic action aligned with your integrity…

No judgment, no blame, no guilt or shame.

Pay for the program once, keep coming back, year after year.
Price ~ Dates ~ Terms ~

That's the short & sweet version.
If you want the full story, read on to find out why this work is essential
for your personal peace of mind and long-term business survival...

and how I make it fun with castles & dragons!

Here are some of the nasty dangers that can pile up while you are focused on achieving your goals…

  • saying “yes” to obligations despite your whole body screaming “NO”?
  •  answering “urgent” business Facebook messages at 2am?
  • being blindsided by a refund request from a client who seemed perfectly satisfied?
  • avoiding overdue work & client emails while beating yourself up about it?
  • kicking yourself for not making that annoying client sign a contract?
  • biting your tongue rather than being honest about how you really feel?
  • crying because a competitor has stolen your copy?
  • having your generosity taken advantage of by someone with no respect for boundaries?
  • losing your phone, then realising it is full of sensitive client information?
  • wasting time reinventing the wheel due to lack of a consistent workflow?
  • panicking because your computer crashed & your client files aren’t backed up?
  • wading through mountains of crumpled receipts at tax time?
  • scrambling into damage-control-mode when your website is hacked?
  • struggling with the survival of your business while dealing with a family emergency?
  • pretending that it is business as usual when you are sick and should be in bed?
  • screaming into your pillow about the complexity of business ownership?
  • trying to keep everyone happy – except yourself?
  • dealing with nervous fatigue and burnout from carrying a heavy load of fear?
  • dragging around the chain of your endless important-but-not-urgent list?
  • avoiding thinking about what will happen to your business if something happens to you?


So, what can you do?

Let me introduce myself! My name is Michelle Whitehead, and over the past decade, I’ve worked with a wide range of businesses that don’t fit in boxes – holistic coaches, alternative health service providers and heart-centred entrepreneurs – to transform overwhelm, uncertainty, anxiety, avoidance and resistance into solid, safe foundations through calm, confident, conscious choices.

In Castle Quest, I use my extensive experience as a lawyer, mediator, problem-solver, and intuitive mentor to help you transform threats into opportunities, make wise, proactive decisions about confusing or complicated challenges, and identify and resolve the difficult issues you will never otherwise make time to deal with (because you are too busy being brilliant).

I love the power of myth and metaphor for taking the mundane, boring, scary or complicated things we don't want to deal with and transforming them into something magical and fun - if we can engage our imagination, resistance decreases and fearsome tasks feel less dreary or dangerous.

Using the language of fantasy and poetic imagery removes the threat from topics that can otherwise be highly sensitive and difficult to discuss. Metaphor is proven to be an extremely powerful method for accessing your inner wisdom and for transforming complex concepts into common sense that stay in your mind.

In the process, we are:

  • actively calming your business nervous system
  • improving your decision-making skills, and
  • preparing you to build your business to its full potential.

In Castle Quest, you will build your resilience & confidence in the safety of your business so you can trust yourself to be ready for anything - not just for now, but far into the foreseeable future.

I've shared some testimonials below - this is proven value - and my participants keep coming back year after year!

Access for the life of the program keeps you grounded while you fulfil your potential as the visionary business leader you are here to be, because this kind of work is never “one & done”.

Dominique Oyston  //  Goddess Voice Academy

I love Castle Quest - it is such a wonderful & innovative program...

I'm so grateful that Michelle brings her unique blend of storytelling, creativity and sense to the business of protecting your business.

Business strategy & legal stuff seemed overwhelming to me but not in this program. Castle Quest has been a blessing for the overview of my business risk spots. I've felt supported and have been patiently, lovingly and kindly responded to.

It’s a thoroughly enjoyable risk management training. It’s playful, intuitive, practical, clear and authoritative and takes the pressure off.

I feel very prepared to take care of my business in the years ahead and it has prepared me to uplevel without anxiety.

Let’s flip to a different story and see if that helps…

Once upon a time, there was an incredible leader who built a shining castle to attract visitors from far and wide.

(That leader is you! The castle is your business, and the visitors are your clients.)

None of the visitors know – and you’ve been trying hard to forget – in the caves under your castle, there is a nest of dragons.

(Those dragons are problems like the ones listed above.)

You’re ruling like a boss, serving your clients, successfully expanding your thriving realm into a powerful empire.

But why are there mysterious clouds of smoke flooding your castle?

This smoke is from the horde of dragons you’ve never made time to deal with, and it shows up in your business as anxiety, overwhelm, disconnection, procrastination, and self-sabotage.

No matter how big your dreams are, this paralysis will keep you stuck, and it puts everything you've worked for at risk.

If you continue to let those dragons grow huge and ferocious in captivity, they have the power to destroy your whole castle and everything you care for.

How can you promote your business to its full potential with your subconscious screaming that it is not safe?

You can’t.

So, you stop following up on potential clients, hold back on launching, shrink from visibility and delay delivery until the last moment. All the while, frustration claws at your heart because you know you are better than this.

You deserve to be out there, leading the revolution, leaving your legacy… not choking on the smoke of despair.

What if I told you we can free those dragons, taming even the most ferocious of them to become supportive protectors and guardians of your business?

Remember, the dragons are the problems in your business you’ve ignored.

Yes, it’s risky to deal with them, but it’s even riskier to think you can avoid dealing with them. The longer you leave them, the bigger and more dangerous they can grow.

Alice Bulmer  //  Alice Bulmer Music

It was an "exceeds expectations" experience!

Castle Quest has been beneficial for my business, and for my quality of sleep (amongst other things).

In dry, non-magical terms, Castle Quest is about “Risk Management for Entrepreneurs”. But it’s unlike any other risk management training out there. It’s playful, intuitive, serious and authoritative, all at the same time. Like Michelle Whitehead herself.

It’s easy to think about business legals and risks as scary, dry, confusing, requiring expertise to negotiate external structures. In Castle Quest, Michelle facilitates us to internalize and personalize our business challenges, so we take ownership and customize our systems to suit ourselves. Michelle makes a strong case that it's better to do this work sooner rather than later in our journey of building a business.

When I joined Castle Quest, I’d already figured out that some of my risks and legal obligations had no straightforward solution. I was hoping that Michelle’s course would give me some clarity, or at least some peace of mind. I wasn’t disappointed.

There’s a multi-hued and multi-dimensional Risk Matrix, which includes not just the more obvious legal, financial, logistical and technical aspects, but also personal, relational and spiritual. Because we’re heart centred, soul-driven entrepreneurs! In Michelle’s world, mindset challenges can be factored in alongside legal obligations and strategic challenges.

We did a visualization process to meet some of our dragons, aka problems. And then we named the dragons and learned how to work with them. In Castle Quest, this is called a Dragon Mitigation Plan. I sleep better at night, thanks to Castle Quest. And when dragons turn up in my nightmares, I have a Dragon Mitigation Plan to engage with them. I've become quite fond of quite a few of the dragons. Re-homed some of the others 😂😂

I think the biggest thing I’ve taken away from Castle Quest is how to navigate these hugely important issues from my own way of being and my own unique needs and priorities. It’s been a hugely empowering process. 

Thank you, Michelle, for your amazing, unique, innovative Castle Quest programme! It's brilliant and I think everyone should know about it!  I got things out of Castle Quest that I didn't expect to get. It works on so many levels. #genius

Your problems will be unique to you, but here are some toothy dragons that have been dealt with in past rounds of Castle Quest…

We identify and let go of limiting beliefs - those heavy "what ifs" and worries dragging you down:

  • what if I don't make enough money? 
  • what if I get too big too fast?
  • what if I'm not good enough to do this work?
  • what if I say the wrong thing?
  • what if I get into trouble I didn't see coming?
  • what if I disappoint those who rely on me?

We take URGENT DRAGON ACTION on real world dangers - all those things you need to do, and you need to do NOW - but they're scary, uncomfortable, or you don't know where to start, so you just keep putting them off until it's too late:

  • automating client communication, so you don't disappear when life happens 
  • finding & onboarding a VA to outsource the drudgery of admin
  • sorting out finances & filing your tax return
  • completing a promised project that you never find time for
  • firing a clingy client who is conflict waiting to happen
  • dealing generously with a refund request without admitting liability
  • having a difficult conversation with a business partner
  • strategically searching & taking action to stop copyright infringement
  • mapping out the complex chaos of how your offers interact so you have an easy path to follow in future
  • raising your prices so your profit margin makes sense & communicating that to your clients
  • moving your business online because you can no longer serve clients face to face
  • dealing with major change (divorce, death, chronic illness, obligations to elderly parents) without breaking your business

We also deal with the less urgent threats. This is the stuff that's important but not urgent. Things that need you to take action, but you can't do anything about right now. Things that need to be watched in case they become a problem. Things that need a long-term approach:

  • streamlining systems & creating workflows so you can stop reinventing the wheel
  • putting processes in place that support your wellbeing so you can be a good boss to yourself
  • succession planning & knowing what needs to happen if your business loses you
  • making progress towards those huge bucket-list goals you want but are scared to pursue
  • transitioning to a business that is bigger than just you
  • researching new platforms and markets in case of (even more) social disruption
  • getting your legals sorted and protecting your boundaries
  • building consistency in creativity, communication and client care

  • If you want to future-proof your business so you can leave a legacy… 
  • If you want to truly believe that you've "got this"…
  • If you want to fearlessly forge an entrepreneurial empire grounded on fierce foundations…
  • If you want brave boundaries that hold space for you to joyfully do your best work…

Castle Quest was created for you!

All prices in Australian dollars, inclusive of GST. See below for money-back guarantee.

Before you buy, you must have read and understood the Castle Quest Program Agreement.

It contains important information to help you get the most out of Castle Quest. 


Reserve My Seat for 2023



Pay $990 now to reserve your seat
and the remainder on or before 20 June 2023

Full Price for 2022



Offer ends when the program starts:
18 August 2022

Payment Plan



Must be paid in full before 1 August
to join the current intake

If you know you need this work, but without the 12 week time commitment, ask me about my bespoke 1:1 VIP intensive, Castle Keeper.
Castle Keeper is personalised deep dive mentoring, support and accountability to declutter your business & strategise for next-level growth.
Let's start with a chat to identify what you need and how I can help most effectively.

Delivered over 12 weeks from August to November...

This is a collaborative, master-mind style program
where you are a co-creator of the experience, not just a consumer of the content....

Each week, we have:

a 2 hour theory & implementation call
& an optional 30 minute journaling call

Castle Quest provides a perfect mix of learning and doing, with weekly online workshops where we start by explaining concepts and then move straight into implementation during the call, so nobody is left behind. 

12 Adventurous Modules

Week 1
Introduction to Mission Possible
Welcome & orientation

Week 2
Stand Tall, Superhero
Clearing the way for confidence

Week 3
Welcome to the Jungle
Exploring your risk exposure

Week 4
Dragon Naming
Identifying your unique risks

Week 5
The Mystery of the Matrix
Analysis to choose your priorities

Week 6
Integration Week
Catch up & let the learning sink in

Week 7
Victorious Visionary
Sort danger from limiting belief

Week 8
Conquering Chaos With Calm
Identifying need for urgent action

Week 9
Accountability Action Week
Taking strategic mitigation action

Week 10
Empowered Empire Building
Finalising your risk register

Week 11
Damsel in Distress to Dragon Tamer
Succession planning for your legacy

Week 12
Crowning Glory
Celebrating Happily Ever After

This unique blend of guided visualisation, intuitive problem solving, practical risk management techniques and analytical business advice is drawn from my 10+ years as a lawyer working with small businesses. 

It may sound a little bit off the wall, but it is a proven model that you will not regret taking part in. It takes the best of traditional corporate tools and makes them relevant and accessible for your needs - as well as being fun! 

If you are not totally happy with your experience after the first 2 calls (when you will have had a chance to look through all the resources) I will give you your money back, no questions asked.

Jen Lang  //  SoundBodySphere

What a pleasant surprise it was!

Castle Quest was a deep-dive into what I used to think were 'boring' parts of my business... 'legal stuff', contracts, the 'things I have to say' kind of pieces of building and owning a business. 

We approached each topic area in fun and creative ways and the exercises were super relevant. I especially loved looking at the risk factors (naming the dragons), then starting to tame those dragons.

Now that I'm in the Serenity Connective, I get to do an even deeper dive on this material in specific topic areas! All of the Castle Quest material was relevant, timely, and engaging. Michelle has built a content-rich program that is full of delight and fun!

On the surface, it appears to be a way to approach legals in your business, but honestly, it really deepens your connection between you and your business in creative and fulfilling ways.

Conversations were rich and support was fantastic.

I'm excited to revisit all this material again every year as my business grows 🙂

Is this only for Australians?

No! Castle Quest is my VIP Signature program and it is designed to meet the needs of global owners of online service based businesses.

So far, we have had participants from Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Because you will be applying each element of the course directly to your actual business, and because we take a holistic approach, understanding that for online entrepreneurs there is often very little separation between life and business, you will be easily able to adapt the principles to your unique business, no matter where you are located.

Tell me again - Why Castles and Dragons?

Why not? While I fully believe in the importance of good governance and risk management for every business that intends to survive and thrive for the long term, I am the first to admit that the traditional corporate methods are less exciting than trimming my toe nails.

My aim in creating this program is to make it as engaging and entertaining as it is practical and productive. The truth is, I don't want to be bored delivering this work anymore than I want you to suffer through the tedium of being tangled up in red tape.

That is why I have taken the best principles of business practice that I can find, and reverse engineered them into a holistic, creative, highly relevant process that incorporates all of your integrity, imagination and intuitive wisdom.

What stage of business is this best suited to?

While Castle Quest has benefits for every stage of business ownership, you will get the most out of this program if you have gone beyond the start-up stage and have an online, service based business that you intend to be active in for a long time to come. 

What Terms & Conditions apply?

I am absolutely thrilled that you asked that question... 

Read THE CASTLE QUEST PROGRAM AGREEMENT, and ask me if you have any questions. 

I'll give you 10% off the price option of your choice if you find a typo and let me know!

I claim ownership of the name Castle Quest™ as an unregistered trade mark, wherever it is used, worldwide, in relation to online education and training, business mentorship and consultancy, legal services and risk management.