The business world is changing!

Brave-h​eart, you are a big part of the new business landscape.

You are a difference maker, a leader of the new paradigm, the hope of the future.

You are also an entrepreneur and with that come risks and hazards.

I am here to assist you on your business journey: to help you identify potential problems in your path, equip you with the legal protection you and your business need, and enable you to forge forward with confidence in your firm foundations

The Serenity Stories: Legal News for Intelligent Entrepreneurs

The Serenity Stories: Legal News for Intelligent Entrepreneurs

My Mission

I am building a new paradigm of legal support - from a  heartspace of love and connection - to deliver the firm foundations and wise boundary management that your thriving business needs.

On this journey you will learn to transform threats into opportunity, identify and take action on warnings of danger, and step up as the empowered CEO that your business needs.

I am your guide. The one who explains the incomprehensible, points out the possibilities and encourages you when all around seems dark and dangerous.  Ok, actually I am a lawyer, a mediator, a researcher, an editor and a writer.

You know that the world of business is transforming. Many of us entrepreneurs believe we are serving a higher spiritual purpose by sharing our gifts, but we also have to live and feed our families, right? We are struggling to make sense of a maze of inherited beliefs and expectations that no longer work for us and new beliefs and expectations that sometimes seem too airy-fairy to hold water.

Where is our solid ground?


I recently had a new website created and as part of that website I needed to include my Terms and Conditions. It is something I have never had much to do with and the thought of doing anything legal has always been a bit intimidating. I reached out to Michelle and purchased her DIY Pack and Review upgrade. I have been so impressed with how easy it was to put together the Terms and Conditions for my website using Michelle’s worksheet. After I put together my first draft, Michelle made some corrections for me that just made it flow. There is no way I could have done this without her worksheet. I cannot recommend her work enough. Her worksheets are grounded and “real” and are easy to follow and apply.

Helena Ryan

Legal Consultation

So many of my clients tell me "I don't know what I don't know!" This is your chance to ask in a safe, supportive online call, without the confusing and scary legal jargon.

I will work with you to quickly and efficiently identify solutions for your unique situation.

Join me for a FREE 30 minute consultation so we can explore how I can best assist you.

Risk Management

Many entrepreneurs dismiss risk management as part of the old corporate culture they left behind, or never wanted to join in the first place. It is something they try not to think about.

This can be disastrous since risk exists, both in our limiting beliefs and as real world dangers.

Exploring risk with curiosity and gratitude is the ultimate in self-care for successful businesses.

Legal Documents

You know you need legal documents to keep you, your business and your clients safe, right?

So why don’t you have them – or why are you not comfortable with what you do have?

Let me show you a whole new way to write a contract and other legal documentation in the loving language that your clients and your beautiful business deserve.

Intellectual Property

Do you need help with due diligence for your business name, product name or logo?

What about copyright issues? I can help with understanding how to avoid infringing other people’s copyright when sharing on social media, and how to protect your own creations.

I also process trademark applications in Australia or New Zealand, and can teach you to DIY.


As a small business you don’t need the expense, time and stress of going to court.

You also can’t afford to let negative situations continue without taking action.

Mediation holds space for those in conflict to clarify the issues that are in dispute, explore different options for resolution, and hopefully negotiate a win/win agreement.

The Serenity Collective

The Serenity Collective membership will provide you with access to a massive library of resources.

This will include checklists, videos, webinars, ebooks, tools, training and legal education for Australian entrepreneurs and monthly Q&A calls.

Sign up below for my regular newsletter and be among the first to find out when The Serenity Collective is open to members.


#shoutout to Michelle Marie Whitehead for making it so easy for the Holistic Tooth Fairy to pull up her big girl pants and get Terms and Conditions for my website and Terms of Sale for my coaching practice. I felt that Michelle and I were aligned from the moment I spotted the fairy toadstool in her video backdrop, and so it proved. She sent me a questionnaire and a template which made it seriously straightforward to write up T&C in my own words. Then I sent her my draft and she made it all ship-shape and legal before sending it back. Then I branded it on my website and added links etc to points of sale and booking, SO EASY! Right from the first day I recognized holistic teeth healing was my entrepreneurial calling, I felt nervous about the potential legal risks. I made investing in T&C a priority for my new business both for legal and mindset reasons, and Michelle made the experience affordable and not-scary. I think its no coincidence that my website visitors have doubled since adding the T&C. It's now a safe place for them to visit and me to welcome them. I feel so comfortable, aligned and safe, working with Michelle. She's the perfect lawyer for a tooth fairy!

Meliors Sims

These products are primarily intended for Australian use. Please have your draft documents checked by a local lawyer if you are not based in Australia. Dismiss