Need a lawyer who really understands your Big Vision

and helps you protect it?

What kind of support do you need?

Contracts that Care™
(and advice that does too)

I provide a wide range of fully supported DIY Packs for Australian online businesses that guide you to take full ownership of your legals, writing Contracts that Care in the same loving language as your marketing. Contract Review, Done for You and VIP Services also available.

Help with a problem
(big or small)

I am not a dragon slayer! If you are looking for a hired gun, you need a different lawyer. I help you focus on what really matters to you. As an accredited mediator, I offer Peace Talks Online Mediation as well as intuitive Risk Management with a woo woo twist.

Intellectual property
(guidance & assistance)

Whether you are concerned about copyright issues, wanting to pursue exclusive ownership of your brand with a trade mark, or ready for some due diligence to identify potential issues with your brand name or image, I am here to hold your hand every step of the way.

Change is in the air - a new paradigm of business, a new way of practising law. 

Hi! I am Michelle Whitehead - am I the lawyer you have been looking for?

I believe that legal support means we work together - from a heartspace of love and connection - creating firm foundations and wise boundary management so that your thriving business can continue to evolve into the empire of your dreams.

You know that the world of business is transforming. Many modern entrepreneurs believe we are serving a higher spiritual purpose by sharing our gifts. We also need to live and feed our families, while pursuing our audacious vision.

With courage and persistence, we are struggling to make sense of a maze of inherited beliefs and expectations that no longer work for us and new beliefs and expectations that sometimes seem too airy-fairy for real world safety and success.

Where is our solid ground?

We find it on the borderline between tradition and innovation, bringing the best of the old in service to the new. I am here to help you identify potential problems in your path, equip you with the legal protection you and your unique business need, and enable you to forge forward with faith in your firm foundations.

Together, we will co-create the sense of safety you need, if you are going to build a business free from subconscious sabotage. You deserve to be a confident, empowered CEO, and your clients deserve the clarity, certainty and consistency they get from your brave and beautiful business boundaries.

I would love to meet you for a free 30 minute chat, and hear all about how you are changing the world.

My business is built on repeat clients and referrals. I offer 100% satisfaction guarantee on everything I do. You can read more testimonials here.


Michelle's support, compassion, thoroughness and attention to detail has made my life so easy! I always feel well taken care of, and expertly supported. 


If you’re a business owner who likes to keep things simple, genuine and heartfelt, Michelle is the perfect person to speak to about the legal side of doing business.


Miriam Castilla

Life On Purpose


We chose Michelle because as a startup business it was important that we worked with someone who was highly skilled ... and took the time to listen to our concerns. 


Courts Lippett

The Smart Chicks

Castle Keeper Service ~ for Ambitious Empire Builders

If you have a thriving, online Australian business and you are looking for an ongoing relationship on a retainer basis, my Castle Keeper service may be just the thing.

Create your own bespoke service package, choosing exactly what you need, such as:

  •  contract creation & regular contract reviews
  • consumer law best practice advice & assistance
  • intellectual property advice, vigilance & protection
  • check
    legal advice & assistance on call, when you need it
  • check
    risk management & dispute resolution
  • check
    governance issues, policies & planning
  • check
    me watching your back while you take over the world

Prices start from $550 per month.

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My DIY documents are primarily intended for Australian use.

Please have your draft documents checked by a local lawyer if you are not based in Australia

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