Violet S Wigley – Natural Birth Magic

Michelle has helped me with my recent trade mark application and registration of the name Postpartyum® and I am so very grateful for her simple and focused approach with everything involved. She put me at ease from the first moment and that gave me confidence in moving forward without hesitation. Michelle’s services were first recommended through some of my postpartum doula colleagues who spoke very highly of her. I was very impressed with everything she offered. Michelle is direct, highly organised and a very supportive listener and guided me along the process making it simple, each part had options which I appreciated and also made me feel less overwhelmed.  She is creative and very passionate about what she does, I really appreciated the regular motivation and communication throughout the trade mark application as well as for my Postpartum Doula contracts. She has filled me with inspiration to move forward and pursue my business dreams and goals. I am very grateful for her services and will be looking forward to working with her on other projects going forward.