Setting intentions for the New Moon

Recently I have discovered great joy and peace in matching my life to the ebb and flow of the lunar cycle. I am particularly enjoying the practice of setting my intentions with each new moon.

If you would like to know more about the current new moon from an astrological perspective, I recommend Eloise Meskanen who has an amazing blog. She tells us (for this particular Taurus Ne Moon – May 2016) that this is a time “to stop striving and appreciate where we are. To ground our progress so far, and anchor our abundance deep into the Earth.”

Turning things around

I have been on a major decluttering binge lately, both in my physical environment and mentally digging deep, discarding money blocks and limiting beliefs by the dozen. Of course, that can be easier said than done.

Limiting beliefs have a tendency to be tenacious and to cling to you no matter how hard you try to shake them off. However, once you become aware of the story that you are telling yourself, you have an opportunity to rewrite it.

This reframing is a skill often employed by mediators, who will take a statement made by one person in a dispute and remove the barbs from it, translating it into neutral language so that it is less hurtful for the other person to hear, thus making it more likely that they will be able to accept the first person’s statement about what is true for them.

It is also the basis for Byron Katie’s “turn-around” step in The Work. Her process is:

“Judge your neighbour,
write it down,
ask four questions,
turn it around.”

Doing the work

I can illustrate this in relation to self-judgment using one of the money blocks I uncovered this week, “If I am successful and wealthy, I risk losing everyone I love.” First, I ask myself, “is this true?” looking subjectively at whether this statement is really true for me. Is it something I strongly believe, that I write stories around, a belief I have an emotional investment in holding onto?

Then I ask myself, “can I absolutely know that this is true?” Here I am looking for objective proof. What is my evidence for this belief? For strongly held subjective beliefs it can be helpful to bring in the standards used when drafting a legal affidavit. Opinion is irrelevant here. You can only rely on facts that you have seen, heard or personally experienced. Very few limiting beliefs can stand up to this kind of inquiry. It can also expose the events in your past which have caused you to form this belief.

Question three has me asking myself “how do I behave when I hold this belief?” This forces me to be brutally honest about how the belief is affecting me and get clarity around how much I am getting in my own way and causing my own difficulties.

Finally, I ask myself, “can I think of any non-stressful reason for holding onto this belief?” Even if I am convinced that a belief is true and I have external proof for that belief, the combination of questions 3 and 4 can show me how much better off I would be if I just let it go…

Which brings us full circle. To let a limiting belief go, it is rarely enough to simply acknowledge that it exists and that you don’t want to hold onto it any longer. The turnaround helps us look at the belief from a different perspective. For example, I might say “If I am successful and wealthy I will be able to keep those I love closer to me.” I might also say “If I am not successful and wealthy I will lose everyone I love.”

Each of these statements works to turn my thinking in new directions, to open my mind to new truths and expose other limiting beliefs, to suggest new ways of being. It increases my determination to continue this inner work, to keep clearing away the clutter and increasing my understanding, which puts me in the perfect frame of mind to set my intentions for the new moon.

How I can help…

Wise management of your business starts with self-care, and self-care starts with self-knowledge. Are you ready to set your new moon intentions… or do you need to do some more decluttering first? If you would like somewhere safe and supportive to share your goals, you might enjoy my Business Serenity Facebook Group.