Natasha Berta – #bertaMarketing

My biggest worry about purchasing a DIY Legals Pack from you was that it was going to feel full of jargon, difficult, stuffy, formal and irrelevant. I thought I was going to have to pay for the Done For You service to make it less horrible. That worry did not come true.  Doing my DIY Legals has become a business affirming, target market clarifying and vision affirming process. It has helped me see what I offer, who I offer it to, what kind of people they are, what I expect of them and what I give to them.  I really enjoyed formatting the DIY Pack in my brand’s fonts and colours. I also really enjoyed the way it made me think about how I want to serve people and what I expect from them.  I have recommended you to my business friends! I say “This is a bargain. It’s so easy and it really helps you clarify your message, audience and offers as well as your T&Cs”.