Gabby Pavlovic – Revitalising Health

Back as a fresh naturopathy graduate, I was initially in a state of panic as I realised I had no clue whatsoever about legals when it came to organising my naturopathic business. I knew as a bare minimum I needed some website Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, so I booked a free chat with Michelle to see if she could help. After her very informative, transparent, and helpful call, I signed up for one of her DIY packs. It was such a great help to go through each section in detail with the draft template she provided. The little tips and hints along the way helped me to feel like the document I was creating not only made me feel safer and more confident in a legal sense, but was also something I was proud of, as I was able to convey my values through my legals. The accountability session was also a very useful part of the service, as after writing my first draft, I had compiled quite a number of questions specific to my business, all of which Michelle was able to answer with ease on the call. I highly recommend Michelle’s services to anyone wanting to set up their legals, as Michelle’s knowledge, willingness to assist, and conscientious approach alongside her very easy-to-follow templates makes getting legals organised a streamlined (and even enjoyable) process.