What do you Want?

In order to truly align build a business that supports what we stand for and respects what we need, we need to know what we want from it and what we want for it. In other words, we need to develop our vision, which gives us our sense of purpose and direction. Without a vision, we are stumbling blindly along, surviving from day to day. Having a vision connects us with the big picture, so we can step back and assess our decisions and intentions against the whole forest, instead of only dealing with the trees that are constantly in our face. Our vision needs to be anchored in positivity and optimism instead of fear and difficulty, so we need to give ourselves permission to dream big and let our most expansive hopes have a voice.  To give us an effective basis for decision-making, however, we need to take those broad potentialities and clearly articulate the specific details, so we have something tangible to aim for. Above all, our vision needs to be extraordinary. We are not motivated by the mundane! Our ambitious vision is the inspiration that keeps us going through the tough times and motivates us to stretch beyond our resistance into excellence.

As our vision begins to take shape, we need to run it through our filters, checking that we are basing it on what we truly want, and not the motivations, emotions, expectations and perceptions of others, and what we think we should be doing or achieving to make other people happy or fulfil their vision of us. A vision based on other people’s stuff is only going to leave us feeling angry and resentful. To avoid this, we need to look for parts of our vision that feel heavy or hard and analyse why it is weighing us down instead of lifting us up. It is much easier to accept a vision that ticks other people’s boxes – or rather, our perception of what other people want us to achieve – than it is to keep pulling our vision apart and reconstructing it until every aspect of it shines through the lens of our own desire.

Finally, we need to ensure that our vision is anchored in something that is bigger than us. This helps us shift beyond the limiting stories of ego, into the expansive possibilities of spirit. What is the legacy our business is going to leave for the world? How are we changing the world and making it a better place? What is the impact of our victory on others, and who – besides ourselves - will suffer if we choose to continue playing the victim and believing in our own powerlessness? With these questions, we begin to appreciate the ripples that our choices create, and we see how in standing up for ourselves, being true to our needs and setting our intentions with integrity, we have an impact far beyond our own being.

  • What do you want FROM your business? What needs does it supply for you? What needs does it supply for your clients, and the world?
  • What do you want FOR your business? What is the end goal? What are you working towards? What is your audacious vision?
  • Which parts of your vision feel heavy or hard? Are they based on other people’s expectations or your own?
  • What is the legacy that anchors your vision? What is the impact that your victory will have? Who (besides you) will suffer if you give up and never achieve it? What are the ripples spreading out from dropping the pebble that is your business into the pond of the world?

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