Evaluate your present position

What is your current comfort and confidence level around setting intentions with integrity and being your sovereign self, on a scale of 1 – 10?

1   = My needs are sacrificed to other people’s expectations.
10 = I make careful choices based on the highest good of all.

If you are not where you want to be:

  • what action will make the biggest difference to your situation?
  • when will you do it?
  • how will you know if it is working?
  • what evidence will you look for to prove your success?
  • when you will rate yourself on this scale again?

Make it a date and make it happen!

If you take nothing else from this course, reflect on this:

We cannot live our truth until we explore what is true for us.

To build something bigger than ourselves, we need to separate our identity from our business, and set ourselves up for success with a business that holds space for our needs.

Stepping up as sovereign empowers us to live as the physical embodiment of our spiritual conscience.

Choice is the only thing we truly control. We make choices with integrity when we use our values & vision as a filter, ensure that our business supports us to make strategic decisions, and speak our sovereign truth without apology or dilution.

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