Overview of what this course will cover

This course is a co-creation, a journey that we go on together. I am here as your guide, sharing information and inspiration with you, but only you can take the steps needed to bring about change and move you towards the destination you desire. That takes commitment and courage. You have a choice. You can skip through this journey like a tourist, satisfied with a superficial understanding, relying on snapshots to help you remember, or you can immerse yourself in the adventure, diving deep into the dark alleys and shadowy corners where the real treasures lie, emerging transformed by your experiences.

We are going to begin by looking at who you are, because this is the first step in shifting from a victim perspective to a focus on the victory of all. We will investigate what you stand for, exploring what integrity, authenticity and vulnerability mean to you and how they underpin every aspect of your work. We will ask what you need, in terms of your values, your need to be respected and your need for space. We will dive deep into what you want, getting clear on your vision for the future, how you understand yourself and others, and the legacy you are building to make the world a better place.

Next, we will focus on your business as a separate entity, showing you how to set it up as a sacred container that protects both you and your clients. It can be difficult, especially for sole traders, to perceive how your business is at once separate from you and identical to you. Without this distinction, it is all too easy to blur the lines between service and slavery, leading you to resent the demands that your business makes of you. The answer lies in your boundaries, so we will look at how they function to neutralise anxiety and give you an empowered

Finally, I will help you embrace your power as a sovereign leader.  We will look at the blocks that are stopping you from having confidence in your intentions, and why – up until now – your subconscious may have believed that it was safer for you to play small. We will review small shifts you can easily make that will help you trust yourself to be enough, and some practical ways that you can choose to stand unapologetically in your power.

Why is this important?

Your legal foundations affect every aspect of your business, from your relationship with your clients to your ownership of your work, to your long-term prosperity. Rather than basing these foundations on day-to-day drama and busy-ness of your to-do list, I encourage you in this course to take a completely different path – one that digs deep into your personal truth.

Instead of operating from received programming and shallow understanding of what we should have, do or be, you will be basing your decision-making on a deep appreciation of who you are, what you want and where you want to be.

As a visual image to explain this, imagine that your business is a castle in the air. It is beautiful but every time you add to it or invite people inside, it becomes more and more unstable. Now imagine if it was grounded on the bedrock of your being, fully integrated, supported and solid. How much easier will it be for you to expand it now? How much safer will it feel for you and your clients?

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