We are not Motivated by the Mundane

Your ambitious vision is the inspiration that keeps you going through the tough times and motivates you to stretch beyond your resistance into excellence. Your task is now to take this from the realm of theory into practice. Have a go at identifying your core values and creating a vision statement for your unique and amazing business.


Embody your legacy as a vision board, map out the ripples, refine your core values, explore the possibilities and potentials – get clear on who you are and why you are here doing this work – and then think of ways you can keep this close to help you with your decision-making.


Use your imagination or invite a friend to role play with you.

  • Think of a time recently when you felt like a victim in your business, or where you felt angry or resentful because your needs were not being respected.
  • Explain to your friend (or your journal if it feels better) the impact of this situation on what you stand for, what you need and what you want.
  • Can you describe a recent experience where your business practice and personal needs were not in alignment? How did this feel? What would need to change for your business to fully support who you are and who you want to be?
  • Identify a boundary in your business that does fully support your needs and is working well. Notice which of your core values are in alignment with this boundary and how it also improves your clients’ experience of working with you.
  • Congratulations on completing the first phase and finding out what is important to you! Give yourself a great big hug to celebrate.
  • This work can go surprisingly deep and bring up all kinds of suppressed tension, so take a moment to check in with how you are feeling.
  • Stand up, move around, share, journal, draw, talk to a friend.
  • While you integrate this learning, observe what stories are coming up about your habits of behaving in ways that fulfil other people’s expectations rather than aligning with your own integrity, and how this makes you feel about your relationships and your self-worth.

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