My intention for this course

My overriding intention in every aspect of my business is to show you how solid legal foundations do more than just cover your backside and keep you out of court!

I hope to show you that when you approach your legal foundations from a holistic perspective, understanding that they are the embodiment of aligned boundaries that you believe in and need so you can function effectively, and when you make a firm commitment to fairness and meeting mutual needs, your legals begin to function as a sacred container, holding the space for you to have the best possible relationship with your ideal clients. 

It is, in effect, a paradigm shift. We are moving from a perception of legals based in fear of conflict, to a conception of legals based on your role as a sovereign leader.

From my experience, creating legal foundations that truly serve you by keeping you and your clients safe begins with understanding who you are, what kind of business you are building and how you want to take ownership of your journey.

Your legals have the potential to be so much more powerful than just ticking a box on the list of things that every business owner needs to have. They can function energetically to radiate your intentions and integrity. Can you imagine the ideal clients that kind of foundational power can call in, and the level of trust and confidence it creates?

I hope to encourage you to take empowered ownership of your legal foundations by inspiring you to accept responsibility for your role as a conscious, connected business owner serving both your own well-being and the highest good of those who choose to work with you.

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