In Conclusion

Thank you so much for joining me on this adventure and trusting me to help you tune in to your integrity. I hope that I have helped you appreciate your potential as a sovereign leader, and to understand how intentions set with integrity translate into empowered action.

Remember that if this feels overwhelming or even impossible, I get it. As humans we set up an unattainable ideal of sovereignty, and then beat ourselves up for never achieving it. As people of integrity, however, we know that it is not that simple. We are all works in progress, dragging ourselves into the light one stumbling step at a time.

Each time you stop to process your emotions before reacting, that is a step from victimhood to victory. Each time you clear your internal space of everything that is not yours, including surrendering your attachment to the outcome, that is a step from victimhood to victory. Each time you choose to exercise your decision-making power with integrity, that is a step from victimhood to victory. We are already our best sovereign selves – the question is only whether we will commit to living our full potential, or succumb to the limited thinking that keeps us small and obscures our brilliance in the name of keeping us safe.

The journey begins with exploring ourselves, because we cannot live our truth until we uncover what is true for us.  When you know who you are, what you need and what you want, you can create the filters necessary to make decisions with integrity. We have our touchstone – the guide to help us separate the gold from dross – and it forms the solid bedrock of our foundations. Everything is informed by this commitment to our values and vision and the core truth of our faith in ourselves as people of honour.

The next step of the journey is setting up our business as a sacred container to hold space and support us while we do our best work. This allows us to build something bigger than ourselves by ensuring that our needs are not being sacrificed in the name of service. It also helps us in avoiding burnout by putting boundaries around our responsibilities. Automating those boundaries with business systems means we do not have to bear the emotional burden of enforcing them. Being cared for and supported by our business frees us to do our best work and fulfil our soul purpose.

Finally, stepping into our role as sovereign empowers us to live as the physical embodiment of our spiritual conscience. The clarity and certainty we have gained from acknowledging what is most important to us informs our actions and choices and we take responsibility for our role as powerful creators of our own reality. With our vision for changing the world in the driver’s seat of our decision-making, we are motivated to push through our limitations and all the chaos and drama that surrounds us to achieve what we set out to do. The sovereignty of our spirit is a triumphant force for victory, if we can let go our doubts and anxieties and honour our truth.

If you only take one thing away from this course, I am setting the intention that it will be this: the key to sovereignty is knowing that you have the power of CHOICE. In fact, choice is the only thing that you have control over. Every time there is a choice to be made, notice it. The more you notice that you are choosing, the more you can tune in to the emotions around that choice, processing them so you can see the options – and hear your intuition – more clearly.

Over time, you will come to recognise all that is not yours, all that is clouding and obscuring your vision of the truth, and you will become more used to surrendering all of those issues you have no control over. Then you will find it easier to shift into a space where your choices are made with integrity more often than not.

I am hoping that you will be able to see the benefits that this approach will bring to your business, and that you will be inspired to take the theories that I have shared with you and implement them in a way that allows you to really see a difference in your relationships and your sense of empowerment. I look forward to you sharing how you are making this part of your reality, the ah-hah insights that occur, and excerpts from your conflict journal in the community. If you are sharing about your experiences, please make sure your stories are appropriately anonymised to protect other people’s privacy.

Right now, I would love it if you could share 3 key take aways in the comments – and do let me know if you have any questions.

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