An Experiment for You

Here's a format for taking this course even deeper and making it even more your own. Choose an aspect of this course that you would like to focus on, take the template below, and design your own experiment for putting it into practice in your life through an embodied learning process. Feel free to share your version of the experiment in the comments. 

I want to use integrity as a guide for decision-making.

Assumption/ Hypothesis:

  • When I make choices based on my understanding of integrity, I support my own needs and the highest good of all.


  • Change statement – I take radical responsibility as a creator of my reality by making conscious choices.
  • This might require me to press pause and run a decision through my values and vision filter before responding.


  • I can measure this experiment by keeping an integrity journal, recording the emotions that come up when I am faced with a decision, the options that are available to me and my thoughts about those options when filtered by my values and vision, any consequences of the decision, how I feel about it after the decision is made, and how difficult it is to follow through on the decision.
  • This gives me an evidence-based experience which I can use as guidance in future decision-making situations.

Conclusion/ Practice

  • My practice of analysing the reasons behind my decisions and setting conscious, intentional choices that support my energy and progress my goals is a benefit to me, my business, my clients, and everyone involved.

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