I am Michelle Whitehead...

  • Lawyer to healers, helpers, professional creatives and creative professionals
  • Mediator and channel of peace
  • Homeschooling mum of 3
  • Fantasy fiction aficionado
  • Building a brand new ending, one bright idea at a time

I believe that legals are more than a check box on your important-but-not-urgent business to-do list. Well crafted legals that come from the heart of your business do so much more than just keep you out of trouble. Your legals are the solid foundation on which your business is grounded, and they are the sacred container that holds space for you to meet your own needs as well as the needs of your clients.

When you approach your legals from a caring, connected perspective rather than as a scary, boring “must do” or “should have”, they form a bedrock of confidence that really grounds and supports your business and helps it to grow. I have seen this over and over again as my best clients have transformed their businesses from a one-woman show to a thriving empire with a tremendous reach, and I hope to inspire you with the same vision.

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