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Ho’oponopono and Radical Responsibility

Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian form of mediation, designed to repair conflict and damaged relationships through confession and forgiveness. More recently, it has developed into a New Age spiritual practice, based on the concept that we can find internal peace when we take 100% responsibility for everyone’s actions, not just our own. In ho’oponopono, the […]

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What is Australian Consumer Law?

Up until 2011, Australian Consumer Law consisted of a mishmash of over 20 different pieces of consumer protection legislation enacted by the various states and territories. This included the Commonwealth Trade Practices Act, and the Fair Trading Acts. There was little consistency and this caused problems for buyers and sellers who operated interstate. The relatively […]

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Reassessing Boundaries

It’s a simple fact that things go wrong in business. Clients fail to pay or deliver information on time, misunderstandings arise between colleagues or collaborators, disputes and arguments blow up out of proportion… One of the most important steps to take when when things have gone pear-shaped… when a problem arises, you feel that someone […]

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