Caroline Boulom – Rewildin

My biggest worry was that you would just send a basic T&Cs template, not customised in any way, and that we couldn’t receive any feedback/tips. I was very delighted to receive customised T&Cs with a very high level of assistance. We loved the calls we had with you, replying to our questions, listening to our frustrations. The format is great, you provide basic knowledge first and and then assist with tailored optimisations.

I will definitively recommend you to my friends who are about to start their business. I will say that you were detail oriented, had an active and deep listening and understanding of our business, delivered high quality content based on our needs and that you are friendly and very professional person. A real pleasure to work with! We don’t feel like there are any loose ends. Everything has been covered in a defined timeline. You were such a great help and we would love to continue to work with you in the future. Thank you, Michelle!