Bridging the knowledge gap

Often, an entrepreneur’s hardest work is going on invisibly, on the inside. I, for example, have been working on being ok with not knowing all the answers.

Getting comfortable with discomfort

Even typing that makes me gasp and feel nausea rising. However, I have realised that this is simply one more symptom of the disjunct between my professional and personal selves.

As I peel off this layer I realise that as a practising Catholic, I am totally at home with the concept of mystery and faith, the knowledge that I am infinitely loved and supported and will never be let fall… while as a lawyer I feel an immense sense of responsibility to understand, know and be able to clearly explain everything, accompanied by an immense fear that I might miss something important and place my clients at risk.

Acknowledging your emotions is the first step

Lately this sense of responsibility has been visualising itself as an immense burden that I am carrying, that saps the joy and ease from my work. Not an easy divide to bridge, or concept to reconcile, but I am grateful for the insight it brings.

I will let you know how the exploration develops but for now, I have strengthened my commitment to peeling off the many-layered masks, investigating the inconsistencies and allowing myself to shine as my fully-integrated flawesome self.

How I can help

If you have also been struggling under the weight of your perceived professional responsibility, come and have a chat with me! We can unpack your “what if?s” and get some perspective on the difference between subconscious fear and real world danger. We can also start making an action plan to keep you safe.