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Ho’oponopono and Radical Responsibility
Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian form of mediation, designed to repair conflict and damaged relationships through confession and forgiveness. More[...]

Michelle's expert guidance, down-to-earth approach and generous support is exactly what I needed.  I feel more confident now that I can word legal aspects of my business in a way that resonates with my ethics and intentions.

Alison MacTaggart

Yoga Nidra Teacher Training

I've worked through Michelle's DIY legals packs and having completed my legals I now have the confidence to back myself and my business. I really love knowing that I can update them myself when necessary. Thank you so much Michelle!   

Chenae Carey

Intuition Teacher & Social Media Strategist

Working with Michelle has been such a joy. It feels amazing to know that it has been handled so beautifully and with such skill yet without having to deal with a stuffy lawyer who has no idea about online business. I really loved the process. Such a relief!

Claire Kerslake

Health & Wellness Coach

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