A Loveliness of Lawyers™

Are you craving compassionate, caring communication between colleagues?

We are light-bearers, way-showers, trusted guides through the confusion of the legal labyrinth and the chaos of conflict, but it can be a lonely path that we walk. Our clients don't fit into neat tidy boxes. They are passionately building purpose-full, inspiring, imaginative businesses, creatively deconstructing and reinventing traditional marketplaces, and we are right there with them in the arena.

They rely on us for solid advice, strategic navigation through potential minefields and firm foundations to ground their wild dreams, and we deliver - as brilliantly as we can - to the best of our ability, with all of our integrity. We stretch our skills and our understanding and our research abilities to the utmost to meet their needs, half the time clinging to hope as we break new ground, taking established precedents and principles into innovative new territories. We take all that we know of the law at its finest, its capacity for peace and protection, and we use that knowledge to translate our inherited jargon into our clients' spiritual, intuitive, idealistic language of healing, creating and connecting.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if there was a global network of like-minded, lovely lawyers:

  • supporting, encouraging and inspiring each other as we sow the seeds of change, 
  • flocking together like birds of a feather to break down the isolating barriers of solo practice, and
  • sharing knowledge, referring clients, discussing challenges and connecting the world with a circle of light?

Surfing the leading edge of a new wave of legal understanding is scary

but you are not alone.

You belong in a Loveliness of Lawyers!

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A Loveliness of Lawyers

is in its infancy


The name & the desire came to me a year ago, but I parked it in the toy box with all my other bright ideas
waiting until the time was right. I am getting more and more requests to work with clients outside of
Australia, which means I need an international network of trustworthy, compatible lawyers for referrals.
I also want more delightful conversations with professionals who understand the unique challenges of my 
work - and who are open to deep, honest conversations, collaborations and community, abandoning the
guarded adversarial masks that many lawyers wear from force of habit and feel naked without.

All it took was a few fellow lawyers confiding that they share my fantasy, and a Loveliness of Lawyers was born. 

Who knows where it will evolve from here?

It is wonderful to contemplate the possibilities!

Monthly Collaboration Circle

I am hosting a 1 hour zoom call on the last Friday of every month at 8am AEST.

The calls are currently unstructured, a free flowing meeting of like minds, but I am curious to see what we co-create as we grow.

You are welcome to join us - but I would like to meet you personally first, so I can get to know more about you and your work.

As a lovely lawyer yourself, I am sure you understand the importance of risk management and boundaries.

It is essential to assess whether someone is a good fit before you commit to holding space for them.